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Contractor Positions — All Disciplines

Legendo Entertainment always seeks experienced talent for our games, comics, and animated entertainment projects. Feel free to contact us at the e-mail address below, including proof of your skills, which may include showreels, programming samples, artwork portfolios, and commercial animation. Read More →

Instant Thrills, Everlasting Legends

Legendo Entertainment crafts video games, music, comics, art, and animation inspired by ancient myths, classic novels, and historical events.

Our philosophy promotes a balanced approach to entertainment, enriching and emphasizing both real and virtual aspects of human life. Immersing oneself for countless hours or even weeks in a single video game isn’t merely impractical; it can adversely affect anyone’s well-being and may contribute to health challenges.

Committed to providing valuable experiences, we are paving the way for more concise and engaging entertainment.

Time, Talent, Tact

Legendo Entertainment operates remotely to leverage talent from all corners of the world. We are proud of our small yet passionate teams that consistently push, drag, and force video games and other entertainment into existence.

A strong work ethic is the cornerstone of bringing imaginative projects to life, whether video games, music, or animated entertainment. While the industry trend might lean towards rapid expansion and larger teams, we take a different approach: Legendo meticulously builds small, passionate teams. These compact groups foster a close-knit environment and ensure that every voice is valued and every opinion is heard.

Our remote-first approach unlocks the potential to work with exceptionally talented individuals regardless of their physical location.

Cultural Reach & Licensing Opportunities

Legendo Entertainment aims to expand the reach of its cultural works by licensing our entertainment properties (IP) to third parties.

Enchant taste buds, spark curiosity, empower learning, embody narratives, embark on immersive adventures, and unlock the mysteries of our cultural works.

Visit our merch store to see our brands in action. For licensors, our IP is a solid fit for many categories, including food and beverages, schooling kits, apparel, stickers, and more.


With a reputation for staying the course while keeping the campfire burning, Legendo has attracted a skilled team of remote talent — many of whom are recognized leaders in their respective fields.

If you would like to join our journey, visit the jobs section and help us keep the creative fire burning.

Dracula Twins: Moonskull Hexademy

Teaser trailer for Dracula Twins: Moonskull Hexademy — a thrilling YouTube series that follows the extraordinary adventures of the Dracula Twins, Drac and Dragana.

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Dracula Twins: Moonskull Hexademy

Moonskull Hexademy is a thrilling YouTube series that follows the extraordinary adventures of the Dracula Twins, Drac and Dragana, as they navigate the challenges of being young vampires in a world gone mad. From cryptic exams to midnight escapades, the Dracula Twins face it all with bleeding humor, suspense, and fang-tastic charm.

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Legendo Entertainment creates video games, music, comics, art, and animation inspired by ancient myths, classic novels, and historical events.

For questions about our games, music, and shows, contact [email protected].

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As human beings, we are constantly influenced and shaped by our past experiences and memories. If you’re interested in exploring the history of Legendo Entertainment and getting a sneak peek at our future projects, be sure to check out our ArtStation portfolio (work in progress.)

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Our Discord channel is a great place to chat with other fans, get support, and stay up-to-date on all things Legendo.

If you want to keep track of contractor and career opportunities, follow us on LinkedIn.


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