Concept Artists — History & Dark Fantasy

January 5, 2022 — Legendo Games/Animation is looking for exceptional character and environment artists with a passion for history, dark fantasy, and streaming entertainment to work remotely and help bring our game and animation projects to life.


  • Experience working in games, film, or animation in various art roles.
  • You are skilled in anatomy; creating humanoid, creatural, and beastly characters comes to you naturally.
  • Expertise knowledge of Photoshop and related applications.
  • You are traditionally trained and can draw by hand.
  • Other developers consider you a flexible person open to frequent changes and iterations.
  • Strong written and verbal English skills.


  • Develop concepts for characters or environments to be used in games and animated entertainment.
  • The work entails sketching, speed-painting, and creating full-color illustrations and concepts.
  • Improve and iterate on 3D renders and other artwork by using paint-over and photo-bashing techniques.


  • A genuine interest in history — perhaps you already know the Viking Age by heart and can recite a couple of Icelandic sagas? Anecdotes of the Mongol’s world-conquering campaigns are keeping you awake at night. You have also realized that magic is real and that there are many overlooked geniuses of the past from whom much inspiration can be drawn.
  • Familiarity with 3D software like Blender and Maya.
  • Skilled in creating exact line art for characters and landscapes.


  • Remote

This role is a remote position. Send your resume/experience overview to [email protected] if you are skilled and interested in this position. We will contact you, personally, if we wish to continue the application process.


Legendo Entertainment

Legendo Entertainment creates games, music, comics, art, and animation inspired by ancient folklore, classic books, and 80s & 90s culture.

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