Shortcut Quests, Everlasting Legends

Founded in 1998 as Iridon Interactive, Legendo Entertainment crafts video games, music, comics, art, and animation inspired by ancient myths, classic novels, and historical events.

Our philosophy promotes a balanced approach to gaming, enriching and emphasizing both real and virtual aspects of human life.

Immersing oneself for countless hours or even weeks in a single video game isn’t merely impractical; it can adversely affect anyone’s well-being and may contribute to long-term mental health challenges like depression.

Our commitment to holistic entertainment sets us apart from other entertainment companies.

“Our goal is not to max out consumer spending; but to entertain and promote a healthy, holistic approach to entertainment. Weeks if not months are often required to complete a console game, but finding that time is impossible for most people.” — Björn Larsson, CEO & Creative Director

By bringing stories and themes to life that are often overlooked or underrepresented in mainstream media, Legendo strives to provide unique experiences that breed cultural understanding; thus, we are committed to creating entertainment that reflects these ideals.

We’re paving the way for more succinct and engaging games. We’re committed to delivering valuable experiences and ensuring every fan feels their investment is worthwhile. Our aim isn’t to empty your pockets but to offer high-quality entertainment and knowledge. We advocate for a holistic approach to entertainment and believe people should balance gaming and other big-screen entertainment with getting out and experiencing the world.

The World of Legendo Entertainment: Five Areas Dedicated To Fun

Legendo Entertainment operates remotely to leverage talent from all corners of the world. We are proud of our small yet passionate teams that consistently push, drag, and force new games into existence.

We believe that a strong work ethic is the cornerstone of bringing imaginative projects to life, whether that’s video games, music, or animated entertainment. While the industry trend might lean towards rapid expansion and larger teams, we take a different approach: Legendo meticulously builds small, passionate teams. These compact groups foster a close-knit environment and ensure that every voice is valued and every opinion is heard.

“We aim to set a new trend for shorter, more compact games. You will have a great experience as we work hard to make sure fans get something to enjoy for their money. Our titles offer a unique fusion of play mechanics and classical gameplay, often with a distinct retro vibe.”

Many enjoy our flexible, self-managed work environment. Rest assured, our projects are thoroughly explored and prototyped while planning is continuously refreshed.

Our remote-first approach unlocks the potential to work with exceptionally talented individuals regardless of their physical location.

  • Legendo Animation, Legendo Comics, Legendo Games, Legendo Media, and Legendo Music are all alive and well under the forceful banner of Legendo Entertainment.
  • Legendo Games publishes games for video game consoles and PCs. Our titles offer a unique fusion of play mechanics and classical gameplay, often with a distinct retro vibe.
  • Since its founding in 1998, Legendo’s intellectual properties include Wolfwar Saga®, Pure Pinball®, and Dracula Twins®.

Cultural Reach & Licensing Opportunities

Legendo Entertainment aims to expand the reach of its cultural works by licensing our entertainment properties (IP) to third parties.

“Discover innovative ways to bring our enchanting worlds to life through licensing.”

For licensors, our IP can be a solid fit for various categories, including food and beverages, schooling kits, apparel, board games, and puzzles. Enchant taste buds, spark curiosity, empower learning, embody narratives, embark on immersive adventures, and unlock the mysteries of our cultural works.


As a company with a reputation for staying the course while keeping the campfire burning, Legendo has attracted a skilled team of remote talent — many of whom are recognized leaders in their respective fields. If you want to join one of our splinter teams, visit the jobs section and help us keep the creative fire burning. 🔥

Legendo Properties

Wolfwar Saga: The Myths Are Real

Wolfwar Saga® is a dark and deadly world created by Legendo Entertainment. The series delves deep into Norse, Gutnish, and Germanic mythology, as well as history and epics. Several games and graphic novels are in development, each drawing ancient myths and literary sources.

Dracula Twins

Dracula Twins is a cross-media franchise that includes video games, an upcoming animated series, and merchandise. It launched in 2006 with the release of the first game in the series, also titled Dracula Twins.


Pure Pinball: Steel Ball Magic

The most recent Pure Pinball® release was ‘The Official Pinball of FC Barcelona.

Legendo Legacy

Hey there! Legendo Legacy is all about bringing back the good old days with our retro-style video games that pay homage to the arcade era. And the best part? We’re a sublabel of the awesome yet shy Legendo Games!

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