Instant Thrills, Everlasting Legends

We are all about weaving the magic of ancient myths, timeless novels, and epic historical events into kickass video games, toe-tapping tunes, captivating comics, mesmerizing art, and mind-blowing animations.

We believe in keeping it real and virtual! Why? Because diving headfirst into a video game for weeks on end isn't just a no-go; it could cramp your style and health. That's why we're leading the charge in crafting bite-sized, turbo-charged entertainment that’s as engaging as it is manageable. Think of our games as thrilling and compact experiences on wild, energizing power-ups!

In short, Legendo Entertainment crafts video games, music, comics, art, and animation inspired by ancient myths, classic novels, and historical events.

Time, Talent, Tact

Legendo Entertainment operates remotely to leverage talent from all corners of the world. We are proud of our small yet passionate teams that consistently push, drag, and force video games and other entertainment into existence.

A strong work ethic is the cornerstone of bringing imaginative projects to life, whether video games, music, or animated entertainment. While the industry trend might lean towards rapid expansion and larger teams, we take a different approach: Legendo meticulously builds small, passionate teams.

Our remote-first approach unlocks the potential to work with exceptionally talented individuals regardless of their physical location.

Cultural Reach & Licensing Opportunities

Legendo Entertainment aims to expand the reach of its cultural works by licensing our entertainment properties (IP) to third parties.
Enchant taste buds, spark curiosity, empower learning, embody narratives, embark on immersive adventures, and unlock the mysteries of our cultural works.

For licensors, our IP is a solid fit for many categories, including food and beverages, schooling kits, apparel, stickers, and more.


With a reputation for staying the course while keeping the campfire burning, Legendo has attracted a skilled team of remote talent — many of whom are recognized leaders in their respective fields.

If you want to help us to keep the campfire burning, visit the jobs section.

Legendo Entertainment

Legendo Entertainment creates games, music, comics, art, and animation inspired by ancient folklore, classic books, and 80s & 90s culture.

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