Contractor Positions — All Disciplines

Legendo Entertainment is always on the look-out for experienced talent to work on our games, comics, and animated entertainment projects. Feel free to contact us at the e-mail address below including proof of your skills, which may include showreels, programming samples, artwork portfolios, and commercial animation.

Legendo Animation

  • Digital 2D Animators (Animate/ToonBoom/After Effects, Etc.)
  • 2D Pencillers Experienced in Animated Line Art Sketching/Posing
  • Blender 3D Animators/Riggers

Legendo Comics

  • Experienced pencilers, inkers, and colorists.
  • Writers who are familiar with legend, myth, and history.

Legendo Games

  • C++ Software Engineers (Visual Studio, Xcode)
  • Blender 3D Animators/Riggers

Legendo Media

  • iOS/tvOS/macOS Developers with at least three apps released on the Apple App Store.

Legendo Music

  • Experienced PRO registration administrators familiar with BMI or STIM.
  • Royalty administrators/collectors of mechanical, performance, synch royalties.
  • Business Development Specialists for audio-to-video synchronization of our catalog.


  • Remote

This role is a remote position. Send your resume/experience overview to [email protected] if you are skilled and interested in this position. We will contact you personally if we wish to continue the application process.

Legendo Entertainment

Legendo Entertainment creates games, music, comics, art, and animation inspired by ancient folklore, classic books, and 80s & 90s culture.

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