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Can Everything Imagined Be Made Real?

Few creative endeavors are as unpredictable and innovative as game development. Dealing with demanding players, rapid technology changes, and a crowded market creates fierce competition and an opportunity to shine.

“Legendo creates stylish entertainment inspired by Norse mythology, classic novels, historical events, and reimagined arcade games.”

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Wolfwar Saga: The Myths Are Real

Wolfwar Saga® is a dark and deadly world created by Legendo Entertainment. The series delves deep into Norse, Gutnish, and Germanic mythology, as well as history and epics. Several games and graphic novels are in development, each drawing ancient myths and literary sources.
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Dracula Twins

Dracula Twins is a cross-media franchise that includes video games, an upcoming animated series, and merchandise. It launched in 2006 with the release of the first game in the series, also titled Dracula Twins.

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Valhalla Tactics: Vikings & Varangians

Set in the Viking Age, “Valhalla Tactics: Vikings & Varangians” challenges 1-4 players to explore, raid, and trade. Turn-based gameplay with hand-crafted art.

Dracula Twins R2: School’s Out

Features 2P Co-Op and old-school gameplay with snappy and fresh mechanics. Starring the Goldskull Gang — five playable characters with a great 16-bit vibe!

Pure Pinball: Steel Ball Magic

Pure Pinball: Steel Ball Magic is currently in development and rebooting. The iconic franchise will re-emerge on next-generation console platforms in the years ahead.

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