Pure Pinball: Steel Ball Magic

The most recent Pure Pinball® release was ‘The Official Pinball of FC Barcelona.

From the makers of the Xbox Live classic Pure Pinball® comes this amazing pinball simulation. Powered by a new, proprietary console engine that is currently in development, the next generation of Pure Pinball tables will calculate ball movements more than 500 million times per second!

“We have no doubt FCB Pinball [The Official Pinball of FC Barcelona powered by Pure Pinball] is not only a great pinball game but will also expand our digital reach.” — Dídac Lee, director of technology area at FC Barcelona

The super-engineered physics and collision system ensures the game’s next-gen ball and flipper response is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing! Cradling, soft hits, hard hits — any kind of skill shot — will work just as you’d expect. Heck, even the ball-to-ball collision in multiball mode is engineered to closely simulate the ball movement of a real pinball machine.

Pure Pinball: Steel Ball Magic is currently rebooting and will re-emerge on next-generation console platforms in 2022.

Pure Pinball: Steel Ball Magic Official Logo

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