Wolfwar Saga: The Myths Are Real

Wolfwar Saga® is a dark and deadly world created by Legendo Entertainment. The series delves deep into Norse, Gutnish, and Germanic mythology, as well as history and epics. Several games and graphic novels are in development, each drawing ancient myths and literary sources.

“Trust not him whose father or son you have slain no matter how young he be, often grows the wolf in the child.” — The Saga of the Volsungs

Wolfwar Saga takes place in a time of danger, intrigue, dread, and blood feud; a world of forgotten wonder, wise men’s mysteries, and women’s magic. It is a journey into the past where only the brave survive and only the lucky prosper.

The first Wolfwar Saga game Valhalla Tactics: Vikings & Varangians will be released in 2024.

Legendo Entertainment

Legendo Entertainment creates games, music, comics, art, and animation inspired by ancient folklore, classic books, and 80s & 90s culture.

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