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You Want To Be A Game Developer?

Our remote development enclaves comprise exceptional talent driven by a shared passion for creating. Legendo is always looking for experienced C++ engineers and other talented individuals (if you do not have prior game programming experience, read on!) Read More →

Mac Sound Effect Maestro & Music Producers

Part-time job for Mac users working independently. Yes, you need to be a macOS user! We are looking for a true craftsman to help ensure the audio of all Legendo Games is truly special. You will work on sound effects, game music, and remixing STEMs to build new tracks from old material. Read More →

C++ Tools Programmer

December 23, 2023 — Legendo Games seeks a self-motivated C++ programmer to create easy-to-use tools for our 2D sidescrolling engine (adventures, metroidvanias, soulslikes, roguelikes — you name it!) Our level editor powers several upcoming titles.

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With Purpose Forward

August 1, 2023 — We are hard at work on several video games, including one or two rooted in Norse mythology — although not in the way most people would expect, as Scandinavia and Finland have more than a few ancient myths waiting to be rediscovered.

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Video Game Vampires

February 27, 2023 — For those interested in video game history, we unveil a 37-year legacy of digital vampires. They have long been a popular theme and will continue to play a significant role in future titles.

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Game Marketing 101: Store Page Success

September 28, 2022 — How important is your game’s store page? The short answer is extremely important. But any amateur on the web can tell you that a store page is paramount when launching a video game. That said, perhaps you’d like to hear it from the perspective of an experienced publisher. Read More →

Muskerados Redemastered

Muskerados is a redemaster that offers two-game versions in one: retrofied HD and 4K. Based on The Three Musketeers: One For All! — Legendo Ganes’ much-loved 2.5D retro runner from 2005.

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