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With Purpose Forward

Legendo is hard at work on several video games, including one or two rooted in Norse mythology — although not in the way most people would expect, as Scandinavia and Finland have more than a few ancient myths waiting to be rediscovered.

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Passion Advice: You Want To Be A Game Programmer?

In today’s remote-first work environment, the shift to cloud-based team environments that rely on contractors is accelerating rapidly. Legendo is always on the lookout for talented C++ programmers and if you do not have prior game programming experience, read on. Read More →

C++ Tools Programmer THORODIN™ — Legendo Games

May 23, 2022 — Legendo Games is seeking a self-motivated C++ programmer to create easy-to-use tools for THORODIN which is our proprietary 2.5D engine and level editor that powers a slew of upcoming side-scrolling titles (ARPG, action/arcade, jump and run, roguelike, soulslike.)

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Muskerados: The Three Musketeers Redemastered

Muskerados is a twin redemaster that offers two-game versions in one: retrofied HD and 4K. The game is based of The Three Musketeers: One for all — the much-loved 2.5D retro runner from 2005.

‘Pure Pinball: Steel Ball Magic’ Goes Next-Gen

October 9, 2020Pure Pinball: Steel Ball Magic is being developed by Legendo Games and aims to simulate highly realistic physics and pixel-perfect input to provide gamers with the fastest virtual pinball response loop ever — between player, flipper controls, display, and game. Read More →

Game Marketing 101: Your Store Page is Everything

September 28, 2020 — How important is your game’s store page? The short answer: extremely important. But any amateur on the web can tell you that, sure, a store page is paramount when launching a video game. That said, perhaps you’d like to hear it from the perspective of an experienced publisher? Read More →

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