Draugablíkk Completes Roll-Out of ‘Wolves of Hyrkania’

June 11, 2021 — Legendo Music is pleased to announce that enigmatic neofolk outfit Draugablíkk has emerged from the shadows once again to confirm the release of their double set concept EP “Wolves of Hyrkania”.

Rather than steadfastly treading the path of traditional Nordic folk, Draugablíkk has opted to experiment. Wolves of Hyrkania harkens back in time to the battle and intrigue between the Goths and the Huns mentioned in the Icelandic sagas, Roman historical sources, and various Old English (Anglo-Saxon) literature.

Each EP is a three-track release sharing a similar musical core that is a fusion of primal sounds and deeply buried history delivered in a dynamic and often ritualistic fashion.

“Rather than steadfastly treading the path of traditional Nordic folk, Draugablíkk has opted to experiment.”

The first EP released on June 4 and is sub-titled ‘Aujum Unplugged’ and delivers dramatic neofolk vibes and intensely deep yet beautiful singing, crafting a spacious but raw sound with a distinct Eastern vibe reminiscent of bands like Tengger Cavalry and The Hu.

The second EP release ‘Gothunni Metal Cut’ came out on June 11 and delivers a unique take on the folk metal formula by placing a much greater emphasis on the neofolk part of that synthesis than on metal — playing with Nordic folk instruments like talharpa to incorporate tribal, metallic rhythms whilst keeping the overall Eastern structure of the Aujum framework intact.

Head over to Draugablíkk’s website for listen-links and more.

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