Superpuff Dragon

2P Co-Op Side-Scroller × Coming Soon

Transylvania has been eerily calm for the past couple of decades.

To prevent further stagnation, lo and behold, the Dracula family has allowed the construction of Moonskull Hexademy on the family domains, a posh medical university where even human students are allowed... to be studied.

Castle Moonskull in Danger?

The Dracula Twins quickly return home after hearing rumors of the normally conservative Granny Dracul having plans to convert the family’s Castle Moonskull into a hotel for ALL spirits, even the evil ones!

Doctor Globin Introduces the Vampire Vacademy

Alarmed by the news, Drac & Dragana quickly learn of a certain Doctor Globin who has been overly flirtatious with Granny Dracul recently — and also that Doctor Globin is the founder, owner, and principal of a newly built vampire school — Vampire Vacademy.

The Goldskull Gang

Again, Drac and Dragana are forced to take matters into their own hands, albeit with a few new friends. The twins team up with a trio of top students from the newly established Vacademy. Together, they go by the name “Goldskull Gang” — a name chosen after a blood oath is sworn in the golden tomb of ancestor Dracula. The Goldskull Gang swear to protect Transylvania from evil — for all eternity!

Who Wants To Live Forever?

An unspeakable evil lurks beneath the Moonskull Hexademy, under which large catacombs that were built thousands of years earlier are being used for a devious cause, and where Doctor Globin has secretly created a lab to closely study... vampires.

Obsessed with immortality, Doctor Globin has created a recipe for an elixir of immortality. But he lacks the final ingredient... the fangs of vampire twins!


“I just tried to kill a spider with hairspray. He’s still alive, and his hair looks outstanding.”

— Dragana

Can you see dead people? Then you are one of us.
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Side-Scrolling Gameplay

Colorful pixel art with a vintage vibe that will rock you right back to the awesome 80s! Expect old-school gameplay enhanced with fresh mechanics.

Worlds & Levels

A world map makes it easy to get around the game’s 6 areas. Challenging levels packed with undead creatures, obstacles, and traps.

Playable Characters & Co-Op

Play solo or co-op as Drac, Dragana, Boris, Katya, and Vinnie — the Moonskull Gang!


Take on zombies, werewolves, mummies, flying jesters — and Doctor Globin himself.