The Three Musketeers Redemastered

3D Side-Scroller × Coming Soon

“Muskerados: The Three Musketeers Redemastered” is an action game set in the world of Alexandre Dumas’ beloved classic novel. In the game, you play as Porthos, the bravest and strongest of the famous Musketeers, as you set out to rescue your comrades Athos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan from the clutches of the evil Count Xavier and his henchmen.


Get ready to jump, run and laugh your way to victory with our new 4K graphics enhanced, immersive gameplay masterpiece.

Muskerados takes jumping and running from enemies to a new level, featuring updated graphics so vivid you'll be checking behind you for baddies — even after you've turned off the game!

Players can also experience the game with a touch of nostalgia. A special retro mode provides the feel and vibe of 90s video game consoles, complete with a remastered and reworked soundtrack to fit the retro era!

Solid Gameplay

Encounter fierce enemies and challenging boss battles as you progress through the game. With your trusty sword, you must use all your skills and cunning to defeat the Count's minions and rescue your friends. You’ll also explore locations from the novel, like the streets of Paris and the Bastille.

“I may not have the quickest brain in Paris, but I have brawn in spades! And hey, let's face it, when it comes to fencing, brains only get in the way.” — Porthos

Is the Original Gameplay in Danger?

Muskerados: The Three Musketeers Redemastered retains Legendo’s own style of the French-Belgian comic book aesthetic. Of course, the game’s snappy controls and movement will feel familiar to fans of the original game.

The unique visual style looks incredible on the big screen. Players can experience the adventures of Porthos and the Musketeers like never before!


Hey there! Legendo Legacy is all about bringing back the good old days with our retro-style video games that pay homage to the arcade era. And the best part? We’re a sublabel of the awesome yet shy Legendo Games!




Side-Scrolling Gameplay

Porthos isn't just a skilled swordsman — he’s also a master puzzle solver, able to jump and climb through the game’s challenging levels. You’ll need to use all of Porthos’ abilities to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies.


Experience the classic tale of adventure in a new way with this exciting retro remake, featuring both Remastered 4K graphics for modern gameplay and a retro mode for a nostalgic experience.

The Demastered mode provides the feel and vibe of 90s video game consoles, complete with a reworked soundtrack to fit the era.

Enemy Alert: Run To Victory!

Are you ready for an adventure that will have your pulse pounding and your brain screaming for mercy? Look no further because Muskerados has plenty of sword-wielding guards, skilled archers, mystical monks, and rolling barrels to overcome — and more. Let's do this, hero!

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