‘Pure Pinball: Steel Ball Magic’ Goes Next-Gen

October 9, 2020Pure Pinball: Steel Ball Magic is being developed by Legendo Games and aims to simulate highly realistic physics and pixel-perfect input to provide gamers with the fastest virtual pinball response loop ever — between player, flipper controls, display, and game.

Next Gen Flipper Underpinnings

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are built to reduce system latency and provide photo-realistic image quality. As console manufacturers get ready to roll out new console hardware with impressive features such as “quick resume” for save states, increased television refresh rates, and loading times so fast Elon Musk’s Space X project has to look in the rearview mirror; us developers are preparing software that makes good use of these monstrously powered next-generation gaming machines. Although our new Pure Pinball engine is not yet at the visual fidelity necessary to do the new consoles justice, its underlying collision, physics, and photo-realistic rendering is beginning to take form.

The Big Beach prototype table features guitar-charged artist Myrone’s popular retrowave track ‘Exclusive Coupé’ which, at the time of writing, has clocked over 3 million streams on Spotify.

Have a look at the prototype of ‘Big Beach Miami’ below, which is a 60 fps pre-alpha capture that sacrifices HDR resolution for fluidity and speed. Gameplay first!

Legendo Games

Legendo Games crafts Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Windows, and macOS games that combine inventive play mechanics with classic arcade features. We strive to create authentic experiences while charting our own course.

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