Why Prioritizing Functionality Is the Best Development Approach

Legendo Games’ recommended game development approach prioritizes functionality and core mechanics over other aspects.

Still, it is important to have basic graphics in place to provide a rudimentary feel of the game world and vibe. Of course, the ambition must always be for awesome Graphics to follow.

In any game project, finding the soul of the game early on in development is crucial — the captivating essence that emerges when code, art, and audio combine — that which you cannot put your finger on. A successful game has an intangible quality that cannot be easily defined but provides the core experience and continuously draws players in.

  • Basic graphics are necessary to give players an idea of the game’s setting and atmosphere, which cannot be achieved with blocky or placeholder graphics.
  • Baseline graphics helps to set the tone and gives players a sense of what they are entering. It also provides feedback on how the game mechanics interact with the artistic components.
  • Graphics do not need to be polished or final. However, it is important to ensure basic textures and colors are used, as overly simplistic placeholder art can have a negative, undeserved impact on the overall experience. Also, using basic yet recognizable and functional graphics provides players with a foundation for the game’s atmosphere and setting, allowing them to immerse themselves in the world being created.

In summary, prioritizing functionality and core mechanics is crucial for game development. However, baseline graphics can provide essential feedback and help set the tone for the game world.

Once the game’s core mechanics, functionality, and visual hint have been established, it is time to focus on improving and refining the graphics — we call it “look development,” but that’s a story for another day. Looking for a game publisher? Get in touch with [email protected].

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