Remote Freelance/Contractor Positions

We are always on the look-out for experienced talent to work on our games, comics, and animated entertainment projects, so feel free to contact us at the e-mail address below. Include proof of your skills such as programming samples, GitHub or SVN repositories, artwork portfolios, and animation & showreels. Please note that at this point in time, we are unable to accept internships.

  • Legendo Animation
    • Digital 2D Animators (Animate/ToonBoom)
    • Traditional 2D Pencillers for Character Exploration
    • Script Writers Experienced in Streamed/Episodic Entertainment & Animated Entertainment
    • Film Score Composers
    • Male/Female Voice Over Artists
  • Legendo Comics
    • Traditional and digital pencilers.
    • Digital inkers.
    • Experienced colorists.
    • Writers familiar with legend, myth, and history.
  • Legendo Games
    • Experienced Pixel Artists.
    • C++ Software Engineers (in-house engine experience preferred.)
    • Technical writers experienced in maintaining a variety of living game documents such as;
      • Concept & Synopsis Prose
      • Functionality & Mechanics Specifications
      • Game Progression Layouts
      • Game Design Documents aka GDDs
      • Technical Manuals for In-house Tools and Technology
    • 3D character, world, and/or historical artists, animators, and/or riggers (Blender or Maya preferred.)
    • Musicians, Composers, and Sound Engineers (our games use FMOD.)
  • Legendo Media
    • Structured graphic designers for the creation of iconic product identities, branding, and striking PDFs.
    • Experienced and Security-Aware WordPress Developers.
  • Legendo Music
    • Professional and experienced live musicians skilled in ancient instruments such as Norse talharpa, Lithuanian bagpipes, Kazakh dombra, Turkish oud, and the Mongolian moorin khur horse head violin to give a few examples.
    • Technically skilled mastering engineers and remixers
    • Composers and musicians capable of digital orchestration
    • Folk music composers well-versed in the tonalities of ancient Fennoscandia, Switzerland, Basque Country, Persia, India, Khazakstan, Mongolia, Ireland, and Scotland.

Write to with a descriptive subject-line such as “Legendo Games: Open Application”  if you are interested in any of the freelance positions listed above.


Legendo Entertainment takes a detailed look at each application submitted. We’ll be sure to contact you, personally, if we wish to continue the application process. We also encourage applicants to check back often for future openings. Talent and projects move fast in the entertainment industry — timing and luck is sometimes as important as skill.

Legendo Entertainment receives an overwhelming amount of applications. Unfortunately, we’re unable to respond to each person individually. 


James Thor
Associate Producer at Legendo Games. Now working on Serpents in the Mist and Dracula Twins R2: School's Out. Englishman born in Sweden living life as a digital nomad. Two games I'll never forget is Might & Magic VI and Heart of Darkness. Contemporary favorites include Dead Cells, Magicka, Mortal Kombat, and Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China. Occasionally, I lose my mind and login to my Twitter account.

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