Mac Sound Effect Maestro & Music Producers

Part-time job for Mac users working independently. Yes, you need to be a macOS user! We are looking for a true craftsman to help ensure the audio of all Legendo Games is truly special. You will work on sound effects, game music, and remixing STEMs to build new tracks from old material.

Job Description & Requirements

  • Music production and sound effect curator.
  • Excellent feel with an ear to the ground. You can tell a hit song from a flop and discern between fitting and out-of-place sound effects for a game. Being a masterful curator is part of the job. You either have it or you don’t.

Friendly Reminders

  • You understand that making games is hard and a clash of artistry, technology, marketing, iteration, timing, and luck.
  • You have been using macOS for years. You own a Mac. Perhaps you also own an Apple TV device and an iPhone?
  • Avid gamer. You love playing games and are attracted to the nostalgia of retro games from the 80s and 90s.

Required Items

  • Include a sound reel with your application with multiple examples of your audio design and music production.


  • Remote


This role is a remote position. Send your resume/experience overview to [email protected] if you are skilled and interested in this position.

We will contact you personally if we wish to continue the application process.

Legendo Games

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