Winds of Valhalla: Vikings & Varangians

Turn-Based Tabletop Strategy × Coming Soon

Wolfwar Saga: Serpents in the Mist will challenge players to explore, raid, and trade across a dark and deadly world. Will the bards write songs about you as you slowly become legend – or will your name be forgotten as your bones bleach on the shore?

“If aware that another is wicked, say so: Make no truce or treaty with foes.”

— Óðinn

From the Arctic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, through ancient Persia to uncharted America, and beyond, this is the world the Vikings and Varangians knew.

In the Viking Age, war was business — and death glory.
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Historical Viking Age Or With A Large Pinch Of Norse Myth?

Play the three-stage single-player campaign in Historical or Mythological mode.

Who Will You Be?

Choose from 9*2 Viking characters, all of whom are attested in the Norse sagas and Icelandic literature, with their own tales and quests.

Resourceful & Snappy Turn-Based Gameplay

Blast your opponents with archers, Karls, and Jarls — sacrifice to the Norse gods to make them favor your crew. But beware — the enemy game logic is our most devious invention to date. Trade and raid across the historical seas and rivers of the Viking Age!

Native 4K Graphics Support

Gorgeous hand-painted visuals in extreme resolutions will help explain what those big-screen +55” television sets were made for! Also, the source art is created in 8K, so who knows what the future holds.

Warship Viking Battles

Discover a novel and approachable battle card system — with a few unexpected twists.

Savvy Multiplayer Skirmishes

Play locally, co-op, or over the Internet in 2-4 player battles.