Can Everything Imagined Be Made Real?

Few creative endeavors are as unpredictable — and innovative — as the art of game development or the principles of animation. Dealing with demanding players, rapid technology changes, and a crowded market creates not only fierce competition but also an opportunity to shine.

“Legendo Games is focused on creating short-form quality entertainment informed by ancient mythology, forgotten folklore, epic poems, video games, and world-changing historical events.”

To get in touch with Legendo Entertainment for vacancies in animation, games, and music — visit our jobs section or tune in to our LinkedIn page.

For PR & Media Inquiries, Contact:

Artur Norman
International Publicity for Legendo Games
[email protected]

Erik Djerf
International Publicity for Legendo Music
[email protected]

Legendo Entertainment (Catch-All)
International Publicity for Legendo Animation, Legendo Comics, and Legendo Media
[email protected]

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Legendo on ArtStation, Twitter, and Discord

As human beings, we carry the past with us in so many ways! Visit Legendo’s ArtStation portfolio for updates on bygone projects and upcoming ventures.

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For Artwork, Business, and Licensing, Contact:

Legendo Entertainment AB
New Business & Licensing
[email protected]


Legendo Entertainment AB
Wallingatan 34


Tech and gameplay support inquiries should be sent to [email protected].

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