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If you are an experienced game developer with a track record and are looking to get your game published and/or co-financed for console platforms, contact us for an NDA at

  • We only review in-development games at the vertical slice stage. We expect submissions to run flawlessly at 60 fps on all console platforms including Xbox One and PS4.
  • We’re primarily looking for third and first-person (TPS/FPS) single-player action/horror/adventure games, independently developed retrocade games with gorgeous pixel art and animation (feel free to use shaders for consistent visuals), and couch co-op (2-4 players) action titles or reinvented platformers set prior to the 20th century (historical, mythological, Western, etc.)
  • Legendo Games does not condone nor engage in the “Free2Play” games market, nor do we wish to associate ourselves with games that include loot-boxes or casino-like mechanics. TLDR; do not send us Match 3 game concepts or a vertical slice of an F2P “arena-based competitive game.”

For PR, media and/or interview inquires, contact:

Kaspar Ravn
International PR for Legendo Games

Nicholas Montegriffo
International PR for Legendo Music

Jay Ross
International PR for Legendo Comics

For general business or licensing inquiries, contact:

Björn Larsson
CEO & Executive Producer

Career Opportunities

Legendo Entertainment is currently focused on producing high-quality games and animated entertainment inspired by epic mythology, alternative science, abandoned folklore, modern-age comics, classic novels, and historical events. Visit our jobs section for open and freelance positions, and make sure to follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for up-to-date work opportunities.


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Tech and gameplay support inquiries should be sent to

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