Draugablíkk’s new EP “ÞRÍR: Serpents in the Mist” rolls out on all major music services worldwide

Sweden, November 15, 2019 ⁠— Legendo Music, Swedish cross-media entertainment company Legendo Entertainment’s recently launched music division, today announced Draugablíkk’s three-track EP release “ÞRÍR: Serpents in the Mist” is rolling out this weekend on all major music streaming services and YouTube, beginning today. All the links you need: https://smarturl.it/thrir


Serpents in the Mist (Tíl Valhǫll) is a war song in memory of the Vikings who explored and pillaged in the West, and the Varangians and the Rus’ who met their fate and fortune in the East. Many surely dreamed of a place at Odin’s table in Valhalla, while a few may have longed for peace in Freyja’s Folkvanger.

To Særkland and Back Again is set in the early 900s when the Varangians (eastern “Vikings”) ruled Kievan Rus’. These rulers from Scandinavia, who were mostly of Swedish and Gotlandic/Gothic origin, struck a deal with the Khazars, in which Rus’ raiders were allowed passage to the Caspian Sea in exchange for half of all loot. It was not the first nor the last such arrangement. However, this particular expedition ended in betrayal and blood, as Khazar mercenaries massacred the Rus’ on their return voyage, at the Caspian mouth of the Volga river delta.

From the Ashes of Aujum remembers the Goths who established the “Empire of Aujum” in ancient Scythia, to the north of the Roman world. The Goths raided across the Black Sea and into the eastern Mediterranean. After fierce fighting against the Huns, the Goths divided in the 300s, some joined the Huns, others the Romans. Most if not all Goths moved south (some with Huns) into Roman lands, founding kingdoms in Italy and Spain. Many noble Viking and Varangian bloodlines traced their origins to Aujum, of which only ashes remain today.

About Draugablíkk
Draugablíkk is a musical, cultural, and historical project whose boreo-pagan folk sound blends traditional Scandinavian instruments and arrangements with Eastern influences and ancient throat-singing, reflecting the wide world traveled by the Vikings, the Rus’, the Varangians, the Goths, and those who came before them.

About Legendo Entertainment
Headquartered in Sweden, Legendo Entertainment is a remotely operated cross-media entertainment company that creates, develops, and publishes games, music, comic books, and related entertainment products inspired by myth, alternative science, folklore, classic novels, and historical events. Legendo Entertainment operates five divisions: Legendo Animation, Legendo Comics, Legendo Games, Legendo Media, and Legendo Music.

Legendo Music

Listen, there’s a hell of a good universe next door! Legendo Music is a record label and music publisher specialized in neofolk, epic orchestral, and heroic cinematica.

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Invigorating fiction keeps the past alive. Subscribe for updates on Legendo’s animation, comics, games, and music projects.

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