Legendo Music: Human Playlisting With Potential?

August 16, 2021 — The robot can never respect the deeds of his ancestors, let alone mankind. A cyborg is not made of mud — and cannot dream of returning to dust (unlike those of us who wear the griffin-marked melam of the Annunaki, of course.)

That said, and on a bit of a side note, we are not entirely against macOS Object Trackers that use M1 machine learning to detect character faces to match head movement for high-quality music and lyrics video titles and effects. That aside, Legendo Music guarantees the following Spotify playlists have been intuitively created without using algorithms or AI-powered bots — we simply used customized melam and human brainpower.

The Human Touch

An official Spotify playlist selection can quite literally change an artist’s career overnight and reel in significant revenue. But how do independent artists who believe there is more to this world than “lyrics of love and relationships” and “bling and attitude” get onto these much-coveted playlists?

Spotify playlisting is a system of mysterious interconnectivity. It is like a giant pretzel, intertwined in different ways. Songs by independent artists officially playlisted by Spotify can go up, down, or sideways, although more commonly, they disappear and fizzle out after some time. In other words, most songs and the majority of independent and self-releasing artists go absolutely nowhere.

Legendo Music figured it was about time we took matters into our own hands. If you are interested in humanly created playlists for video game music, Nordic folk, ancient throat-singing, metal, or cinematic scores — welcome to some of the best music most listeners have never heard.

Legendo on Spotify

Also, independent artists can use the Spotify playlist submission tool which is not a bad solution by any means. It’s just that an artist making a submission is still one in a million — at best — and they’re not likely to get playlisted unless their music falls within the perimeter of Spotify’s in-house curators who can be described as self-proclaimed tastemakers using machine-learning and AI to aid their decisions. Thus, independent playlisting is the way, as a certain Mandalorian might put it.

Legendo Music

There is a hell of a good universe out there! Legendo Music is a record label and music publisher specialized in neofolk, epic orchestral, and heroic cinematica.

Invigorating fiction keeps the past alive. Subscribe for updates on Legendo’s animation, comics, games, and music projects.

Invigorating fiction keeps the past alive. Subscribe for updates on Legendo’s animation, comics, games, and music projects.