Emerging Video Platform Odysee Gets Draugablíkk

February 5, 2021 — Growing folk music project Draugablíkk has launched on Odysee, courtesy of Legendo Music. Odysee is a relatively new video site built on block-chain technology. According to its creators, Odysee was built to “...recapture the internet’s freedom and independence.”

Folk music fans can follow Draugablíkk on Odysee for new music videos, hidden knowledge, and remarkable commentary on the ancient world’s history. The emerging block-chain video platform has been described as “…sort of like how YouTube was around five years ago.”

Industry insiders seem to think Odysee is an alternative to YouTube, but perhaps it is the successor? Time will tell, and meanwhile, Draugablíkk will of course remain on YouTube.

Readers might agree the internet has become incredibly corporate, with a small number of huge companies controlling the flow of information. For more information on Odysee, TechCrunch has an informative article that was written in December of 2020.

Legendo Music

There is a hell of a good universe out there! Legendo Music is a record label and music publisher specialized in neofolk, epic orchestral, and heroic cinematica.

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