Senior Social Media Artist

Posted by Kaspar Ravn

We’re looking for a self-motivated and creative Senior Social Media Artist to join our digital marketing team. The work involves creating striking social media posts using art from various Legendo productions, reaching out to games media and influencers via e-mail, scheduling, and posting content, as well as responding to questions and comments on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. The Senior Social Media artist will also be responsible for preparing newsletters and press-releases in MailChimp, as well as managing our various mailing lists.

  • You’re a self-starter with motivation and inner drive to carry out meaningful work.
  • You’re a highly talented graphical designer with genuine artistic skills.
  • You have relevant games industry background in PR, marketing or another related field.
  • You’re a clever, experienced and self-critical writer that knows how to talk the talk, in words or verbally.
  • You are passionate about working with games, animation, comics, and music, and you understand the concept of work hard, play hard!
  • You’ve got your priorities straight.

Send your resume or CV to Kaspar Ravn at if you think you’re a good fit for this position.


Legendo takes a detailed look at each and every application submitted. As such, we’ll be sure to contact you, personally, if we wish to continue the application process. We encourage applicants to check back often for future openings. People and projects move fast in the games industry, so keep in mind that to get a job, whether freelance/remote or onsite, timing and luck can be nearly as important as skill.

Please note that Legendo receives an overwhelming number of applications. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to each and every request individually, and at this point in time, we are unable to accept internships. However, we do appreciate every e-mail sent, and we encourage aspiring game developers to keep trying (rest assured we’ve seen your e-mail and that sending it was not in vain, even if we aren’t able to respond.)

Kaspar Ravn
Team Manager at Pitchkid. Organizes PR and Social Media for Legendo Entertainment. If I see a 90s arcade machine, I just have to play it! Always. That aside, I'm what you'd call an occasional gamer. Fled the beautiful fields of southern Sweden for the stunning fjords of northern Norway. To get in touch, hit me up on Twitter.

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