Overpaint & Photo Bashing Artist — Legendo Games

November 23, 2021 — Legendo Games is looking for a photo bashing and overpaint artist with a passion for coloring, video games, concept art, and matte paintings to work remotely and help bring our video game (and music) projects to life.


  • Experience working in games, film, or animation in various art roles.
  • Expertise knowledge of Photoshop and related applications.
  • Strong written and verbal English skills.


  • Improve, iterate, and overpaint existing 2D and 3D art.
  • Search and find suitable photos for use with photo bashing.
  • Render high-quality color over existing artwork, sketches, or line art.


  • Familiarity with 3D software like Blender and Maya.
  • Familiar with macOS


  • Remote

This role is a remote position. Send your resume/experience overview to [email protected] if you are skilled and interested in this position. We will contact you, personally, if we wish to continue the application process.


Legendo Games

Headquartered in Sweden, Legendo Games is focused on creating console games inspired by action RPGs, side-scrollers, metroidvanias, and turn-based strategy.

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