C++ Gameplay Engineer / “Mytholovania” Action-Platformer

We’re looking for a passionate and independent C++ Gameplay Engineer that is a bit of an engine and GPU API enthusiast and who is capable of working with proprietary technology. Experience in multi-platform game development on macOS, iOS and Windows and a strong knowledge of Open GL/ES and DirectX 11+ is a requirement.

  • You have no problem finding your way around large code-bases, every issue you encounter is just another opportunity to improve existing code.
  • Your passion for 80s and 90s side-scrolling platform/action and adventure co-op games is genuine.
  • You understand that making games is not only very hard, but also a clash of artistry and technology and marketing and iteration and timing and luck — and that it’s all about as predictable as the deaths of the starring cast in an early episode of Game of Thrones.

Tasks include but are not limited to co-designing, implementing and adjusting new game logic and gameplay mechanics for one of our action/adventure platform games that is currently in development, and also to further develop and maintain our proprietary in-house engine THORODIN.

We hope to find a remotely located, highly motivated, independent, focused and organized person capable of working on multiple tasks at the same time.

Having played lots of arcade or SNES/MegaDrive games in general, and Donkey Kong Country, Aladdin, Prince of Persia, and Super Mario Bros in particular, would be an advantage for this position.

We use Visual Studio, Xcode, RedMine, Git/Sub-Version to manage code, describe tasks, follow-up on issues, and to maintain content and artwork assets.


  • Initially Remote/Offsite (text- and video-based communication via Discord).

Job Description:

  • Improve, refactor and optimize existing code using Xcode and Visual Studio.
  • Analyze, debug and fix errors on an ongoing basis resulting in clean builds with a minimum of errors and warnings.
  • Port and maintain macOS OpenGL/ES version of THORODIN to Windows DirectX 11+.
  • Understanding entire THORODIN engine architecture, from game interface to graphics API interface.
  • Ongoing development of clean, well-structured and portable C++ code.
  • Occasional maintenance and development of FREYA, our 2D level editor that runs on macOS Sierra.
  • Track, report and manage tasks and code using (custom) RedMine.


  • Prior experience with GPU APIs and proprietary OpenGL/DirectX engines in Windows, macOS, and iOS.
  • Experience working on PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox console platforms would be advantageous.
  • Familiarity with Unreal Engine 4 would not hurt for ancillary Legendo projects that may be in development (not a requirement).
  • Using tabs (not spaces) you write simple, data oriented code that is easy to read, easy to debug, easy to maintain, and easy to optimize.
  • A university degree in Computer Science would be favorable.
  • We expect that you have exceptional C++ skills coupled with strong math abilities and strong knowledge of object-oriented programming.
  • Good understanding of gameplay systems: camera, physics, player control, game objects and related logic and “actor AI”.
  • Strong written and verbal English skills.

Please send your resume or CV to if you are interested in this position.

Unfortunately, due to the high quantity of resumes that we receive every week; we will be unable to get back to you if we have passed on your application.


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