With Purpose Forward

Progress: We're hard at work on several new projects, including one or two rooted in Norse mythology — although not in the way most people would expect. Fennoscandia has more than one ancient culture, and successful oral tradition has kept Æsir, Álfar, Vanir, and Jǫtnar in excellent health. Also, Arnhǫfdi has been shining brighter than ever lately, all the while playing an intricate game — revealed to no one.

Serpents in the Mist is the first of many egregores set in our unconventional but familiar universe of myth and history known as Draugablíkk. If you’ve been waiting, we thank you for your patience — it won’t be much longer now.

On a bit of a side note, a few things have been on hold while we waited for Apple TV to go arcade alongside a new generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Things are starting to look 4K-sweet as Apple slowly moves away from Silicon Valley to break new ground in Texas (where its new $1 billion, 3-million-square-foot campus is being built.)

And then there’s the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 and the evergreen Steam and Epic Games Store for all things PC gaming. In other words, good times ahead.

Until further notice, stay legendary.

Björn Larsson
Artisan executive, game developer, music supervisor, and renegade historian. I lead Legendo's game-planning efforts, supervise artwork and branding, and manage Legendo Music. I also find it impossible to not co-author story arcs for our animation, games, and comic book projects. You can find me on Twitter.

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