With Purpose Forward

A short update to break the silence. We're hard at work on several new projects, including one rooted in Norse mythology (but not in the way most people would expect -- let's just say that Odin is playing a long game revealed to no one.)

Several games and animation projects are in the works, including Serpents in the Mist, the first of many projects set in our unconventional but familiar cross-breed of myth and history Draugablíkkuniverse.

A few things have been on hold while we waited for the Apple TV platform and the tvOS to mature, but things are starting to look 4K-sweet in Cupertino and we’re moving forward. If you’ve been waiting, thanks for your patience – it won’t be much longer now.

And then there’s the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch and the evergreen Steam and Epic Games Store for all things PC gaming. And we have plans for everything, decent plans; the kind with a long-term payoff that will take not only your world away, but ours too.

Until next time, stay legendary.

Björn Larsson
Artisan executive, game developer, music supervisor, and renegade historian. I lead Legendo's game-planning efforts, supervise artwork and branding, and manage Legendo Music. I also find it impossible to not co-author story arcs for our animation, games, and comic book projects. You can find me on Twitter.

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