With Purpose Forward

A short update to break the silence. We're hard at work on several new projects, including one rooted in Norse mythology (but not in the way most people would expect -- let's just say that Odin is playing a long game revealed to no one).

Several game and animation projects are in the works, including Serpents in the Mist, the first of multiple installations set in our unconventional cross-breed of myth and history Draugablíkk-universe.

A few things have been on hold while we waited for the Apple TV platform and the tvOS to mature, but things are starting to look 4K-sweet in Cupertino and we’re moving forward. If you’ve been waiting, thanks for your patience – it won’t be much longer now.

And then there’s the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch and the evergreen Steam for all things PC gaming. And we have plans for all three: decent plans; plans with a long-term payoff that will take not only your world away, but ours too.

Until next time, stay legendary.

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