Three Games Coming to the new Apple TV from Legendo

Hot on the heels of Apple’s recent tvOS announcement, Legendo today confirmed that Armada of Undead, Pure Pinball and Dracula Twins are in development for the new Apple TV.

“With the new Apple TV supporting game-specific features, we couldn’t be happier bringing our games to the system with cool new functionality,” said Björn Larsson, CEO and Creative Lead of Legendo. “Seeing our games and characters come to life on an Apple-powered big-screen will be great.”


Armada of Undead is a turn-based strategy game for 1-4 players featuring undead pirates in an fun and eerie Caribbean setting. Use your iOS device of choice (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) as a second-screen controller as you and your friends set sail (f)right from the living room!

Dracula Twins is a platforming, “Ghosts ‘n Goblins”-like experience where you’ll play as vampiric siblings Drac and Dragana, battling zombies and other malevolent creatures in an epic adventure to reclaim Castle Moonskull from the devious Doctor Lifelust. Already popular on iOS, the tvOS version will feature 2-player cooperative support!

Pure Pinball – what could be better than 3D pinball, in all its bumper-bouncing glory, on your big-screen TV? The iOS version received rave reviews for its table design, responsive controls, exceptional graphics and realistic ball movement – and now you’ll get to play it on the new Apple TV right from your couch.

About Legendo
Legendo Entertainment develops games inspired by myth, legend, vintage arcade games, comic books, classic novels and historical events. Visit or follow @Legendo for more info.

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