Nintendo Switch goes Viking

April 5, 2019 - Legendo Games' upcoming Viking TBS Serpents in the Mist will challenge players to explore, raid, and trade across a dark and deadly world.

Saying too much is often worse than saying too little, so all we’ll say for now is that we’re happy to announce that development has begun on our upcoming tabletop strategy game Serpents in the Mist for Nintendo Switch.

Will the bards write songs about you as you become a legend – or will your name be forgotten as your bones bleach on the shore? Players will soon be able to try their hands at raiding, trading, and exploring uncharted waters of the world as the Vikings knew it.

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James Thor
Associate Producer at Legendo Games. Now working on Serpents in the Mist and Dracula Twins R2: School's Out. Englishman born in Sweden and living in Estonia. Two games I'll never forget is Might & Magic VI and Heart of Darkness. Contemporary favorites include Dead Cells, Magicka, Mortal Kombat, and Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China. Occasionally, I lose my mind and login to my Twitter account.

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