Dracula Twins presents Granny Dracul… in AR!

June 29, 2018 - Meet Granny Dracul! She likes flintlock pistols, horror movies, and brandy. And we've just video-reincarnated her in Augmented Reality!

The Dracula Twins cast of characters is growing as we move closer to full production on the animated series. Today we present the Grand Countess Astrid Carmilla Akasha Dracul de Borgo: Astrushka to her friends, and Granny Dracul to her family. Don’t be fooled by her looks – she’s a crack shot with her flintlock, and definitely not the sort of lady you want to mess with. Better bring some brandy along to keep her sweet!

The Dracula Twins animated series is scheduled to air in 2020. For news updates and more characters, follow Drac, Dragana, Frankie and the rest of the Moonskull gang on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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