Dracula Twins Official Game Soundtrack by Shirobon available now on Spotify etc.

Legendo Entertainment today announced the immediate availability of the Dracula Twins Official Game Soundtrack on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, WiMP, Deezer, KKBox and other music streaming services.

iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id969116753
Spotify link: http://open.spotify.com/album/7tIRipHCIUjIX7n8x3vEnj
PressKit: PressKit_Dracula_Twins_OST_Shirobon.zip

The Dracula Twins OST features a catchy blend of chip-tune electronica and spooky theremins composed by Shirobon, a rising London-based electronic musician. Here’s the full track listing:

1. Castle Moonskull (Title) 1:16
2. Graveyard Thrill (World) 0:57
3. Chippy Catacombs (World) 1:16
4. 16-Bit Stars (Credits) 1:20
5. Nightshift Traveller (Worldmap) 0:38
6. Who Goes There? (Character Select) 0:38
7. Rave Rock Werewolf (Boss) 1:01
8. Hugo’s Safehouse (End of Level) 0:38

In addition, a ringtone is available on iTunes (must be purchased through an iPhone via Settings/Sounds/Ringtone, search “Dracula Twins“).

Dracula Twins is a horror-comedy platformer for iPhone and iPad currently available on the App Store: http://legendo.com/GetDraculaTwins

About Shirobon
Mikey Cordedda is Shirobon, an electronic musician from London who started out in 2006 making music using a Game Boy which resulted in two chip-tune style albums, Golden Apples and Connected. In 2009, Shirobon began experimenting with more styles and became proficient with synthesizers and modern production techniques, leading up to the release of electronic album 22:22 in 2012. By late 2013, Shirobon had gone back to his chip-tune roots and started combining sounds of the Game Boy, Commodore 64 and professional synths, which brought about a memorable futuristic nostalgia vibe now considered the “complete Shirobon-style”, which can be heard on the EPs Back Tracking (2013) and Distant Reality (2014). For more info, follow Shirobon on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ShirobonOfficial

About Dracula Twins
Dracula Twins is a horror-comedy platformer that stars jump-and-running vampiretwins Drac and Dragana as they embark on daring adventures to defend Transylvania and protect the Dracula family’s residence, Castle Moonskull, from the wicked Doctor Lifelust and his army of undead. More info at www.draculatwins.com.

About Legendo
Legendo Entertainment is a creator of games and entertainment properties inspired by myth, legend, vintage arcade games, comic books, classic novels and historical events. More info at www.legendo.com.

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