Apple TV and the Steam Link debacle

May 29, 2018 — The Apple TV Gaming Blog reached out to discuss the turmoil caused by Apple pulling Valve's recently approved Steam Link app from the Apple TV App Store, and we happily weighed in on the conversation.

We talked mainly about the benefits of each gaming platform retaining its own digital culture, such as the PlayStation experience being more focused on epic single-player games than the current PC gaming landscape which is heavily multiplayer-focus, and the fact that Nintendo and Apple share a few basic similarities, potentially creating synergy between the two companies – as we’ve seen with Nintendo releasing native versions of Mario, Fire Emblem and soon Mario Kart on Apple’s App Store.

For most game developers (ourselves included), deciding which platform culture(s) to support for any given title seriously affects the development process, marketing approach, and long-term planning. If you’re on the fence on the potential of streaming Steam games to your Apple TV, we hope you enjoy reading our full “conversation” with The Apple TV Gaming Blog, after the jump:

→ The Flip-Side: Perhaps Apple Was Right To Reject The Steam Link App

Jay Ross
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