Serpents in the Mist

Turn-Based Tabletop Strategy × In Development

Serpents in the Mist will challenge players to explore, raid, and trade across a dark and deadly world. Will the bards write songs about you as you slowly become legend – or will your name be forgotten as your bones bleach on the shore?

From the Arctic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, through ancient Persia to uncharted America, and beyond, this is the world the Vikings and Varangians knew.

“Gold is little comfort for the kinsman dead.” — Ǫrvar-Oddr Saga

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Game Features

Do you prefer historical accuracy, or would you rather play in a world of Norse myth? Play in Historical, Plausible, and Mythological game modes (more details will be made available as development progresses.)

Who will you be? Choose from 27 unique Viking characters, all of which are historically or mythologically attested in the Old Norse sagas and Icelandic literature, with their own backgrounds and quests.

Native 4K support. Gorgeous hand-painted visuals in extreme resolutions. You’ll clearly see what those big screen +55” television sets were made for!

Clever and fast-paced turn-based gameplay. Blast your opponents with elemental combinations. Use height to your advantage. Master over 200 skills in 12 skill schools. But beware - the game’s AI 2.0 is our most devious invention to date.

Straightforward combat. Discover a novel and approachable battle card system with a few unexpected twists.

Up to 4 players. Play with your friends in a variety of ways, depending on how many controllers and/or devices you own (the game’s multiplayer is a work in progress, check back for more info soon.)

What is Draugablíkk?

Not all are born with full Draugablíkk, or truth-seeker rune-sight.

To those who have it, the world is a very different place: they can see the ancestral ghosts that surround us, the sleeping giants in the hills, and the great beasts and deities that others dismiss as myth.

Starting in 2020, Draugablíkk will bring a world steeped in history, myth, and dread to gamers, readers, and animation fans everywhere, with an epic soundscape inspired by Old Norse folk traditions. Forget the safe, sanitized myths of your childhood and the dry history of your school years. Draugablíkk is a world of blood and danger; a world of mystery and wonder; a world where only the brave will survive, only the lucky can prosper, and only the awakened will prevail.

In the wake of the primeval Hyperboreans and the legendary realms of Aratta, from the Arctic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, through ancient Persia to uncharted America, and beyond, Draugablíkk will reveal a forgotten world, and rediscover the secrets it has cloaked for too long.

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