Dracula Twins P2: Superpixel Psychos

Co-Op Retro Jump & Run × In Development 

Legendo’s Dracula Twins are back! This time, Drac and Dragana have teamed up with more monstrously cool friends to form the Moonskull Gang for an all-new horror comedy action-adventure!

Transylvania has been freakishly calm for the past couple of decades. To prevent further stagnation, lo and behold, the Dracula family have contemplated opening up Castle Moonskull’s doors to human guests, with even the normally stiff Granny Dracul suggesting turning it into a hotel!

But an unspeakable evil lures beneath the castle’s closed coffins and catacombs, where the mad scientist Doctor Globin has secretly installed himself and his minions of undead. Obsessed with immortality, Doctor Globin has created a recipe for an elixir of immortality, for which he lacks the final ingredient... the fangs of vampire twins!

“I just tried to kill a spider with hairspray. He’s still alive, but his hair looks outstanding.”
— Dragana

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Game Features

  • Console-style gameplay with super-snappy controls for the ultimate in retro-style fun!
  • Challenging levels packed with monsters and traps!
  • A handy world map makes it easy to get around!
  • Battle zombies, werewolves, flying jesters - and the wicked Doctor Root himself!
  • Swap on the fly between Drac and Dragana to use their unique skills and abilities!
  • Rescue (or ransom) Frankie for a third playable character!

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