Dracula Twins R2: Rapidez Renegada

Retro/Arcade for Switch, Xbox One, Apple TV and Steam

Dracula Twins R2: Rapidez Renegada is a horror-comedy platform game starring vampire twins Drac and Dragana.

The villainous doctor, now known as Doctor Root because of his tooth obsession, has mistakenly captured Drac and Dragana’s friend, Franislav “Frankie” Stein. The twins must find him, throw the villainous Doctor and his zombie minions out of the castle Castle Moonskull, and free Transylvania from his undead army.

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Game Features

  • Console-style gameplay with super-snappy controls for the ultimate in retro-style fun!
  • Challenging levels packed with monsters and traps!
  • A handy world map makes it easy to get around!
  • Battle zombies, werewolves, flying jesters - and the wicked Doctor Root himself!
  • Swap on the fly between Drac and Dragana to use their unique skills and abilities!
  • Rescue (or ransom) Frankie for a third playable character!

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