Dracula Twins R2: Rapidez Renegada

Genre » Retro/Arcade in development for » Nintendo Switch » Xbox One » Apple TV

Dracula Twins R2: Rapidez Renegada is a horror-comedy platform game with console-style gameplay and super-snappy controls, starring vampiretwins Drac and Dragana.

The twins’ best friend, Frankie, has been mistakenly captured by the wicked Doctor Lifelust, a zombie-loving vampire hunter who wants to create an elixir of life using vampire blood, so that he can live forever. Furthermore, the doctor’s undead army have invaded Transylvania and taken control over Castle Moonskull, the Dracula family’s age-old residence.

Now it’s up to you to save Frankie, thwart Doctor Lifelust and retake Castle Moonskull from the doctors’ army of undead!

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  • Console-style gameplay with super-snappy controls!
  • Monster-packed levels with lots of traps and undead monsters, accessible via a classic worldmap.
  • Baddies and bosses include white-eyed zombies, drooling werewolves, flying jesters and the wicked Doctor Lifelust!
  • Swap between 3 playable characters during play: Drac, Dragana or, if you pay ransom or rescue him, Franislav.

Dracula Twins presents Doctor Root

Making progress towards animated TV-series scheduled to air in 2019.

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