Dracula Twins

In 2006, Drac and Dragana saved their father, the legendary Count Dracula, from the insane Doctor Lifelust, whose recipe for an elixir of life needed vampire blood. Now, with the mad Doctor Lifelust out of the picture, a new name with the same crazed obsession has emerged: Doctor Globin, who needs vampire fangs to concoct a serum of immortality!

Legendo’s upcoming computer and console game Dracula Twins™ R2: School’s Out returns to Castle Moonskull as the vampire twins battle to save their kidnapped friend Andreik from their new arch-enemy known. The twins must find their friend, throw the villainous Doctor and his zombie minions out of the castle, and free Transylvania from his undead army. This horror-comedy platform game features console-style gameplay and super-snappy controls for the ultimate in retro-style fun.

I just tried to kill a spider with hairspray. He’s still alive, but his hair looks outstanding. — Dragana

But that’s not all! Coming in 2022, a Dracula Twins animated series will feature more of everything that made the original Dracula Twins such fun: crazy schemes, snappy dialogue, colorful enemies, and wacky situations abound as Drac and Dragana face the crazed Doctor Globin, along with an array of other problems, accidents, mysteries, and adventures.

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