It’s Dangerous to Play Alone

Legendo Entertainment is a media company currently focused on producing high-quality games and animated entertainment inspired by epic mythology, alternative science, abandoned folklore, modern-age comics, classic novels, and historical events.

Legendo operates five entertainment cells; Legendo Games, Legendo Animation, Legendo Comics, VONBEYST (fashion and merchandise) and Imperial North Music Agency (aka PAXINOMA, for soundtracks and syncs).

Since its inception in 2004, Legendo has built a library of cross-media entertainment properties (franchises include Draugablíkk™, Pure Pinball™, and Dracula Twins™) while establishing itself as a trusted publisher of computer, mobile, and video games across Steam, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Apple App Store and Apple TV.

Legendo’s entertainment properties are available for licensing. Product categories include, but are not limited to: action figures, novels, comics, manga, board games, and apparel.

As a company with a reputation for staying the course, Legendo has attracted a hugely talented team of distributed talent – many of whom are recognized leaders in their respective fields.

Legendo Entertainment is headquartered in Sweden and was founded in 1998 under the name Iridon Interactive by Björn Larsson, its current CEO & Executive Producer. 


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Dracula Twins

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Pure Pinball

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