First Look: ‘Wolfwar Saga: Varangian’ Graphic Essay

December 1, 2021 — Preview visualization of the print edition for Legendo Comics’ upcoming graphic essay Varangian.

Written by Vinithor Amal. Clean-up by Leandro Lourenço working over Fabio Ramazzi’s pencils and storyboard. Heavy inks by Matt James. Cover by Leandro Lourenço and Fabio Ramazzi.

Varangian is a historical graphic essay and will be Legendo’s first literary release.

Legendo Comics

Stories told using pencil and ink is an oft-neglected type of craftsmanship. In essence, comics is a high-minded art form that takes decades to master. Legendo Comics is a publishing imprint with ambition: To create the absolute best graphic novel/essays — inspired by myth and history — in the world.

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