Wolfwar Saga: The Myths Are Real

To those who understand the ancient events described in Wolfwar Saga®, the world is a very different place: they can sense the ancestral ghosts that surround us, the sleeping giants in the hills, and the great beasts and deities others dismiss as legend. They know that myth is knowledge in which lies the initial origins of our creation.

“Trust not him whose father, brother or kin you have slain no matter how young he be, often grows the wolf in the child.” — The Saga of the Volsungs

Wolfwar Saga takes place in a time of danger, intrigue, dread, and blood feud; a world of forgotten wonder, wise men’s mysteries, and women’s seiðr-magic. It is a journey into the past where only the brave will survive, and only the lucky can prosper.

In the wake of the primeval Hyperboreans and the legendary Aratta, from the Arctic to the Mediterranean, through ancient Persia to uncharted America, and beyond, Wolfwar Saga will reveal a forgotten world — and rediscover the secrets it has cloaked for too long.

Starting in 2023, the first Wolfwar Saga project will be revealed.

Legendo Entertainment

Legendo Entertainment is a remotely operated cross-media entertainment company that creates, develops, and publishes games, music, comics, animated entertainment, and related cultural works inspired by unexplored myths, hidden folklore, classical literature, and historical events.

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