The Three Musketeers: One for All!

Platform Adventure for WiiWareand Mac

Legendo’s The Three Musketeers: One for all! is a swashbuckling platform game featuring lots of jumping, fantastic locations, tons of collecting and countless enemy guards, creatures, traps and obstacles.

Inspired by the classic Alexandre Dumas novel, Legendo’s video game adaptation features an original plot where the King’s musketeers have been imprisoned by the treacherous Count Xavier and his evil lieutenant Count Orsini. Take on the role of Porthos, famed Musketeer, and play through 17th century France to save the musketeers in this classic platform adventure!



“The art style is lovely, the platforming (overall) very fun, and the use of the camera is both satisfying and unique.”

7/10 –


  • Incredibly easy to play – use the arrow keys to move, SPACE to jump and X to attack!
  • Fantastic real-time 3D graphics that provide a unique cartoon look, feels like an animated movie!
  • Duel countless enemies, solve fun puzzles, and avoid fiendish traps!
  • Locations include lush forests, dark dungeons, towering castles, a haunted abbey and more!

Out Now!


“The art style is lovely, the platforming (overall) very fun, and the use of the camera is both satisfying and unique.”

7/10 –

“Tight jumps, interactive objects and great cinematic angles make this game stand out a bit from other platformers available on WiiWare.”

6.8/10 Nintendojo

“…it’s a solid, gorgeous platformer with enough variety to hold interest for a play through.”

6.0/10 Cubed3D



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