Freelance Positions

If you’re not looking for a job, this might just be the gig for you.

We are always on the look-out for new and experienced talent, so feel free to contact us at the e-mail address below. Please include your artwork portfolio and/or CV. Programmers are recommended to provide specific credits and/or video showcasing their work (code-samples and offsite tests will be required).

  • C++ Software Engineers for PS4
  • Comic-book artists (pencillers, inkers and colorists)
  • Graphic designers (identity, branding)
  • 3D character, world and vehicle artists, animators and riggers (Maya)
  • Pixel Artists and 2D Animators (Flash, Anime Studio, ToonBoom)
  • FPS Level Designers (concept artists)
  • Authors, novelists and writers
  • Musicians, composers and sound engineers
  • Experienced QA staff

Unfortunately, due to the high quantity of resumes that we receive every week; we will be unable to get back to you if we have passed on your application.

Human Resources

Note that we will not enter into any commercial undertaking on the basis of speculatively marketed CVs or telephone calls. Legendo Entertainment hereby indemnifies itself against any costs, charges, fees or other liabilities relating to any recruitment business.