Ghost Mania

Puzzle Arcade for WiiWare™ :: 500 Wii Points™

Ghost Mania is a paranormal puzzle game involving ghosts, mad spirits and a whole bunch of funky game modes for 1-2 players. Inspired by the best “falling block” puzzle games of all time, the concept is simple: catch all the ghosts before it’s too late!

The game features multiple single- and two-player modes, packing in a relaxed and thoughtful puzzle mode, an arcade mode and a variety of two-player modes including Battle Mode and Enduro Mode. The story centers on the misadventures of Becky and Tim, a pair of former ghost guardians. Having fallen asleep on active duty, they accidentally let all the ghosts escape from the Spirit World!

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  • Use a combination of logic and strategy to plan out your moves and progress through the game.
  • Packed with 70+ levels and four game modes for 1-2 players: Arcade Mode, Puzzle Mode, Endless Mode and 2P Party Mode!
  • Intuitive controls, simply hold the Wii Remote™ horizontally to play. Also supports Classic Controller™.
  • One of few puzzle games to feature multiple stories dependant on character and game mode selections.

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“Ghost Mania is a fun, challenging, and well-developed puzzle game.”

85/100 – Nintendo World Report

“Ghost Mania is a strong product and a solid addition to your WiiWare library”

70/100 – Cubed3

“I really love the fact that Ghost Mania works well for a player looking for any difficulty level.”

86% – GameVortex


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