Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader

Turn-Based Strategy for Mac

“Barely had we sailed two days on unknown waters, when about sunrise a great Leviathan and other monsters appeared out of the deep. The Leviathan was of a most monstrous size… it came towards us, its mouth open, raising waves on all sides as its claws beat the sea around it into a foam.”

Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader features a unique mix of turn-based strategy and card-powered nautical combat. Sail through unknown waters and battle mythical sea-monsters, level up your ship, complete quests, and trade resources as you compete with rival traders — your ultimate objective is to defeat the legendary Kraken!

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  • Turn-based strategy featuring daring quests, bold trading, and card-based nautical combat.
  • Play with friends in the hot-seat mode as you take turns to rule the seas!
  • 16th century art-style in the spirit of Abraham Ortelius, creator of the first modern atlas.
  • Battle mythical sea-monsters including ravenous Leviathans, luring serpents and the legendary Kraken!
  • Anchor in bustling ports to level up your ship in preparation to sail through the unchartered seas of the Old World.

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“Now every time I have the computer on, I have a play, and a little play turns into a bigger play.”

9/10 –

“Overall the game is incredibly fun to play and I highly recommend it to any fan of the turn based strategy game genre and any fan of indie games.”

9/10 –

“Anyone who loved Sid Meier’s Pirates will find a strange sweetness for this, but it’s got the addictive difficulty curve of Catan & Carcassone, and will definitely appeal to fans of those too.”

4.5/5 – FinalBossFight

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