Dracula Twins now available on the App Store free of charge, debuts “In-App Backing”

Horror-comedy platform game with super-snappy controls launches worldwide for free, debuts proof-of-concept crowdfunding aka “In-App Backing” to let anyone support development.

Sweden, October 31, 2013 – Legendo Entertainment, an independent creator and publisher of computer, mobile and video games, today announced the immediate availability of its horror-comedy title Dracula Twins™ on the App Store, a classic platform game with console-style gameplay and super-snappy controls for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®.

Price: Free
App Store Link:
Gameplay Video:  http://youtu.be/Qy2nPxoLWdQ
PressKit: PressKit_Launch_Dracula_Twins_En.zip
Website: www.draculatwins.com
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

“In-App Backing”Dracula Twins debuts proof-of-concept crowdfunding as the game launches free of charge with five full-blown levels plus a cliff-hanger boss battle so that potential backers can sample the game immediately. By visiting the Store-O-Dead, supporters can back Dracula Twins directly by purchasing virtual items in the form of (wholly optional) skulls, or pay ransom to release the twins’ best friend Franislav early, neither of which affects play mechanics, but both providing a crowdfunding mechanism for anyone to help support ongoing development.

“Offering an in-game crowdfunding mechanism allows us to reach potential backers on an international level with a proof-of-concept to demonstrate Dracula Twins’ feasibility, and to consider player-feedback before more levels, play mechanics and visual effects are added to the game”, said Bjorn Larsson, author of Dracula Twins and Executive Producer at Legendo.

Synopsis – Dracula Twins stars jump-and-running vampiretwins Drac and Dragana. Their best friend, Franislav, has been mistakenly captured by the wicked Doctor Lifelust, a zombie-loving vampire hunter who wants to create an elixir of life using vampire blood, so that he can live forever. Furthermore, the doctor’s undead army have invaded Transylvania and taken control over Castle Moonskull, the Dracula family’s age-old residence.

Now it’s up to you to save Franislav, thwart Doctor Lifelust and retake Castle Moonskull from the doctors’ army of undead!


  • Console-style gameplay with super-snappy controls.
  • Monster-packed levels with lots of traps and undead monsters, accessible via a classic worldmap.
  • Horror-comedy baddies and bosses include white-eyed zombies, drooling werewolves, flying jesters and the wicked Doctor Lifelust!
  • Swap between 3 playable characters during play: Drac, Dragana or, if you pay ransom or rescue him, Franislav.

About Dracula Twins
Created in 2006, Dracula Twins is a horror-comedy platform game franchise that stars jump-and-running vampiretwins Drac and Dragana as they embark on daring adventures to protect Transylvania and the Dracula family’s residence, Castle Moonskull, from the wicked Doctor Lifelust and his army of undead. For more info visit www.draculatwins.com.

About Legendo
Legendo Entertainment is a digital download publisher and creator of games and IP inspired by myth, legend, vintage arcade games, comics, classic novels and historical events. More info at www.legendo.com.